Creative Push

It’s amazing to me what a little push of inspiration can do.

The other day I used a B&N gift card to buy “624 Things to Write About” and the prompts are great so far!

Of course it’s wonderful to sit down with a blank screen/page and have creativity just pour out of you without need for prompts, but sometimes we need a little bit of a nudge in the right direction. It puts me back into that college workshop mentality. Sitting down with a group, getting the same bit of inspiration as everyone else, and going with it. That was always interesting–to see where people’s minds went. Creativity is great like that–very specific to each person who is cultivating it.

I am a busy girl currently with a lot on my mind (two volunteer mentoring gigs, full time job and part-time job, trying to get a book published, other personal situations) so being able to sit down for a brief amount of time but still have a decent amount of creative productivity is amazing! And much needed. 🙂

Random Product Plug – Back Joy Relief!

This is going to be completely random… but as a writer, a.k.a. someone who spends a LOT of time sitting at a desk at home (currently in the cheapest chair ever) I am JAZZED about this find.

For two years now I’ve been working in an office, so not only do I sit at a desk frequently at home but I now spend 8 hours per day at a desk at work as well! Yikes! For the last few weeks I’ve noticed my lower back feeling strained, like I always need to stretch. There just always seems to be pressure on it. I exercise regularly and always stretch properly, so I wasn’t sure where this pain was coming from. Well, duh–from sitting all the time! It’s catching up to me… by “it” I mean age. Thus is life. 🙂

Today my boss let me borrow this chair contraption she always uses to see if it helped… and I noticed a difference pretty much immediately! YAY! My lower back feels AWESOME–the pressure is completely relieved! Back Joy Core Plus Memory Foam is the version that she has. Now it’s called Back Joy Relief.

My boyfriend also sits at a desk all day, so I’m thinking of adding one of these to my list of gifts for him. His lower back is also constantly in pain. So to anyone who suffers from lower back problems due to extensive sitting… at a desk, or in a car, whatever!… get one of these! Right now!

HERE is the company’s website.

HERE is where you can see various prices.

I swear I’m not being paid to talk them up–haha! I’m just always trying to take care of my body to the best of my ability, and this product is so helpful. I feel it is a must-have for any fellow writers out there!

Iconic Characters

Today I was quickly browsing through my personal Twitter account (which I do less frequently lately… I think there are too many young, still immature people in my list of followers…!) and saw someone had Tweeted something about how Marilyn Monroe was divorced multiple times, had an affair with a President, and died from an overdose, and poked fun at girls who are always quoting her.

This got me to thinking about iconic characters–in real life and I suppose in writing as well. I’m an Audrey fan myself. By “fan” I mean I have two enormous pieces of artwork in my bedroom depicting her face… two copies of the TIME magazine “Remembering Audrey” edition… one of her biographies… a “What Would Audrey Do?” book… various pieces of stationary with her face and quotes on them… always an Audrey calendar… and I’m still building my collection of her films. Oh, and a fleece blanket with the infamous “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” image of her with the tiara and long-stemmed cigarette holder. It is an ongoing obsession, needless to say.

I don’t know all that much about Ms. Monroe truthfully. I know the image, and I feel she was slightly misunderstood. She was a beautiful, charismatic woman who charmed nearly everyone she came across. She was the ultimate sex symbol. Of course she is an iconic character. But therein lies the difference between an icon in real life, and a truly made-up character in a book. You know more about the character in the book than you do about the icon in real life. They are iconic for their image, for what they are perceived to represent. Until you dig further into who they were/are… and their life… you don’t really know who you are idolizing. Children who idolize Harry Potter know precisely who Harry Potter is, at his core, because J.K. Rowling so perfectly told his story.

Writing is so fascinating to me for that fact. You can make people feel so deeply connected to a character who isn’t even real.

But of course, they are real. They have qualities that can be found in the real world. Perhaps few and far between, and not the exact same combination of qualities, but they do come from somewhere. If nowhere else, than from the hopefulness of the writer who has created them.

Passions of the Soul

I’m so glad that I have always had this passion for writing. Since I was four years old. Literally.

Sometimes I try to imagine my life if I were not so bound to writing… and I can’t. Imagine it, that is. What would I even DO?! I’m glad I’m not someone without a passion in life. I don’t mean something you just enjoy–I mean a PASSION. Something you just cannot NOT do. Something that breathes life into you.

My boyfriend and I got into a philosophical discussion the other night about what a soul really is. What is it about me that makes me just know, deep down, that I must write? Why do other people not feel that way?

I said, “Because it’s just who I am. It’s in my personality.”

He asked, “What IS your personality?! What is it?!”

He needs answers. 🙂 And I adore him for it–for his curious mind, always trying to learn and figure out the great mysteries of Life.

I choose to just accept it as a mystery. I can’t see a soul. I can’t truly define it. I would say that it is my inner being. That thing I feel when I see a random act of kindness, and it moves me. What I feel when said boyfriend kisses me, or holds me. What I feel when I am putting words to a page.

I was born with this need–to write. To tell stories. To use words to the best of my ability in an effort to move people, and to give them new perspectives on life if I can. Not writing has never even been an option in my life. What would I be without it? Who would I be?

I suppose if I wasn’t a writer my passion would be elsewhere. Maybe I’d be a champion ice skater. That would be fun. And therein lies the fun in writing… I can be a champion ice skater if I so choose. Even if only in my imagination, put down onto a page. 🙂

The Perfect Pen.

I am convinced that there are few things in life more rewarding, more satisfying, than finding an absolutely perfect pen.

You may think I’m joking, but multiple times throughout my workday this lovely Tuesday I found myself thinking about the kickass pens I bought last night. Crazy? Perhaps. Any writer will understand my obsession, though.

A great pen just makes me WANT to write. Anything! Everything! It’s the perfect size, perfect grip, perfect ink, perfect ball point. I suppose it’s like any new thing–you just want to use it! It’s like a new toy. Only… it’s a pen. But whatever, that’s neither here nor there. To me, a pen IS a toy. It’s fun and it can take me to amazing places; it can help me reach for the oh-so-bright stars I’ve been pining for my entire life.

So, maybe I’m a little bit pen-obsessed. I make no qualms about it. 🙂

For those of you who are as equally obsessed with fantastic office supplies… check out the Pilot AccroBall fine point black ink pen. I have to have black ink–blue ink is just ridiculous, if you ask me. And it writes as smoothly as I would like it to. Perhaps we are like-minded pen freaks. So you should just go to Staples and check it out–you can try it out at their little Pilot pen station! Listen to me, exclaiming about a pen station. I really do need to stop. 🙂

Internship Excitement!

A few weeks ago I applied for an editorial internship with a literary magazine. I saw it via a Twitter connection (I follow & am followed by one of the editors), and I knew I had to at least try. Of course the standard doubts were in my mind… “I won’t be what they’re looking for.” – “I don’t have enough experience.” – “Am I really good enough?” But I sucked it up, wrote what I hoped was a whimsical, charming, yet professional cover letter, double-checked my resume, and sent the e-mail.

Then of course comes the waiting game. I knew they were accepting applications until the 1st so yesterday I thought about it, but still was very convinced that I wouldn’t get it anyway so it didn’t weigh on my mind too much. Then today I get an e-mail from them, and I see the initial, “Thank you so much for applying…” and my heart sank a little. But then shortly thereafter, I saw, “We would love to extend the internship to you.”

AHHHH!!!!! I freaked out a little bit. I’m pretty sure I didn’t stop smiling for about ten minutes.

It’s just so perfect, because being a “responsible adult” (which is really no fun, but sometimes necessary) I have a 9-5 job to pay my bills. I can’t afford to take a part-time job so any internship requiring my physical presence for an allotted number of hours per week is simply out of the question. So this is something I can do remotely, online, from home, on my hours! And it’s for an editorial internship… precisely what I was looking for.

I guess Twitter hasn’t been a complete waste of my time after all. 🙂

I am so so SO excited!!! And I don’t even care that I probably sound like an overly caffeinated high school girl. One year of experience and being mentored is a completely legitimate reason to jump around my room smiling and generally freaking out. I’m sure in twenty years I’ll look back and find my level of excitement quite amusing… but then again, I hope not. I hope I never forget what it feels like to just be starting out, and to get those smalls steps in the desired direction. I hope I never lose that hunger.

Check out the online children’s literary magazine I’m now an intern for… ! (Guys, did I tell you I have an internship? HaHa!) >> Underneath the Juniper Tree. <<

It’s creative, fun, and generally kickass!