Book Hoarding

I recently traveled to New York (you can read about it here if you’d like!) and have to say that I’m glad to be settled back at home. It always takes me a few days to get reacquainted with my routine when I return from traveling. For some reason it leaves me a bit discombobulated. 🙂

Yesterday I read an article about how to weed through an overflowing book collection, and I’m thinking I may need to utilize the tips in the article soon. My book collection is constantly growing, and I do my best to donate old books that I either have never read or don’t really want to read again. Yet still, it grows. And I have boxes in my storage unit full of books as well. Oh, and I’m fairly certain my mother has boxes of my childhood books at my parents’ house in Michigan, too. Gah!

I’m pretty good about getting rid of things I no longer use. Particularly over the last couple of years. I would love to be more minimalistic not only for space saving reasons, but just to lessen my attachment to material objects.

I’ve started using up lotions and hair products before buying more (my girl Jenna Marbles pointed out the goo-hoarding that many women succumb to!). That has been going pretty well. But I still manage to accumulate more via gifts, etc.

Probably every 3-6 months I’ll do a quick run-through of my closet to see if there is anything I haven’t worn that I don’t anticipate wearing again soon. I use the hanger direction method–when I buy a new item I hang the hanger facing the opposite direction from the rest. Once I wear it, I flip it around. So anything that is still flipped the opposite way after 6 months to a year (seasonal items taken into account) gets donated. Unless it’s a special occasion item!

But this is incredibly difficult for me where books are concerned. If it’s something I’ve had for nearly a year or more than a year and I haven’t read it and find that I’m not terribly interested in reading it, I can easily donate it. But nearly every book I actually read, I want to keep! Then I have my ever-growing list of favorites. I feel a profound attachment to books that I can’t quite put into words. I imagine any other bibliophile out there understands!

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