Productivity. Or…

The dichotomy of my personality is apparently endless.

I completely understand that I am the type of person who requires routine and structure in order to be productive. So I give myself routine and structure. I write to-do lists and sit down to schedule out my days each week.

Then I just do whatever I feel like anyway, or plans come up, or I need a nap. I want/need the routine, but I struggle to follow it! Not always. I do cross things off my to-do lists pretty often. But then I blink and it has been SEVEN MONTHS since I wrote a new blog post?! What is that?!

It’s a never-ending struggle.

It would help if my childhood dream of just hanging out writing in the park all day could be reality… when I was four I didn’t quite understand bills and full-time jobs, it seems. 🙂

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