When You Need A Good Push

Fact: It is nearly impossible for me to resist a good writing prompt journal.

A few days ago I walked through a Barnes & Noble and on one of the end caps of an aisle I saw discounted journals, one of which being a writing prompt book. For only $6! I had to make the purchase, of course.

I really like this one. First of all, I hate when a journal/notebook won’t open fully, so you have to force the pages down flat with your hand. This one opens flat, which is lovely.

It has some pretty great prompts, too. So far anyway. I’ve only done about 4. But I’m enjoying it!

It’s simply called “300 Writing Prompts.” I don’t even know who the publisher is. It just has a blue cover. No publisher information anywhere on the outside or inside.

Anyway–sometimes you just need that little bit of inspiration, and it’s awesome to find a helpful tool. 🙂

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