A Quiet Moment

When is the last time you just… sat quietly?

I suppose I should preface by saying I do have this luxury, as a childless young woman who lives alone (save for my sweet, sweet Lillie cat).

That being said, I don’t do it as often as I would like. The other night I went out onto my patio, turned on my decorative, soft patio lights, lit a cherry cigarillo (shhh, I know, I know. It’s just an occasional treat!), turned on some hip-hop, poured a glass of wine and sat with my thoughts.

It was glorious. Almost meditative.

Then I did some writing, some reading, and journaling. God it was awesome. I definitely think I should make it more of a habit.

The only thing really stopping me from doing it every night I’m home by myself (sans boyfriend) is this Arizona heat. 🙂 It’s still 90 degrees at 8 p.m. which is a slight deterrent. And actually I don’t know why I just said when I’m home without my boyfriend visiting, because we’ve done it together before and that’s almost better. To know you can just sit in the silence with one another, each in your own little world, relaxing and still somehow enjoying each others company… it’s a lovely feeling.

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