Busy Busy Girl

Well, I’m officially living on my own for the first time!

Let’s all hope that the next time around I need to move I have the financial resources to hire people to do it for me. Ha! I seriously hate moving… packing everything up is fine. It’s the unpacking. I loathe it. And because of it I’ve gotten WAY off track with health, fitness, and worst of all: writing! I’ve kept up on my reading, though.

Recently I’ve been reading/studying theology/spiritual ideologies. I grew up in a Christian household–Free Methodist, to be exact. Mom took my brother and me to church every Sunday and Wednesday for youth group. We were very involved with our church; my best friends were my church friends as a kid. Most nights we would study our “Keys for Kids” with Mom and we always prayed before meals (Mom still does!). As I got older my views changed and for awhile I’ve just gone the route of, “I have no idea, and I’m not going to pretend that I do” as far as the afterlife and creation and all of those ideas/beliefs.

So, I’ve taken it upon myself to study up on some other theologies and just see if anything resonates with me, I suppose. Buddhism seems to make sense to me so far. 🙂 I’ve also been listening to lectures by Alan Watts on YouTube–my boyfriend told me about him. He’s a very interesting, intelligent man, I think. I like where his head’s at.

Now my sister is coming to visit me this weekend… then next weekend I leave for Hawai’i for a full week, then I start my new job in the beginning of June. So I might not be back to “normal” until the beginning of June! Whew! As I like to say… thus is life.

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