It Happened.

I received my first rejection letter (well, e-mail..).

Whew! It was far less painful than I imagined. Still a bit painful, but nothing a quick smile didn’t fix. πŸ™‚

There are sure to be many more to come, but I will do my best to continue to brush it aside. As with anything else in life, we writers should aim to compete with ourselves and care most about what we think of our work. Clearly this is easier said than done… but it’s worth working toward.

I’m in the same position with my fitness goals; trying to rewire my brain to stop comparing myself with others and worry about what progress I’m making compared to where I started. It becomes so easy to look at someone and compare ourselves to them and end up feeling shitty about ourselves. No fun!

Anytime I see some super fit girl and my mind thinking, “Damn! Why can’t I look like that?!” I switch the thought to, “No, good for her. I’m on my way!” So I suppose the same kind of thought process could work when receiving all of the sure-to-come rejections.

Positivity, people!

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