Another Step Along the Way

Whoa. Time gets away from me sometimes, I guess!

Query letters have been sent out… ! Yikes! I can’t really believe I’ve finally made it to this point… hoping things go smoothly from here. I’ve had this idea in my mind of what having a book published will be like, pretty much since I was 4 years old. What if it’s all horribly disappointing and doesn’t happen how I imagined?! These are the thoughts that terrify me.

But, worrying won’t help! That much is certain. So, I keep typing out these query letters and sit back to wait for a positive response. I know there will be negative responses as well (on top of complete non-response, which is almost worse, I think), but that is just something to accept about life in general. Things can’t always be good! And it doesn’t invalidate my talents or efforts.

Can you tell this is part of my near-daily mantra? HaHa! I do believe it, in my heart. But I still need reminding once in awhile.

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