Change Is A Comin’

In just a couple of months I’m going to start looking for a different full-time job… and I’m slightly nervous! I’ve been at my current job for 2 years (since moving to Phoenix, actually) and I’ve gotten so comfortable in it that a new environment is a little scary. Not a LOT scary, but just a little. 🙂

I’m really just nervous about whether or not I will find what I am looking for. I went to school for writing and I love editing so I’m obviously hoping I can find something along those lines. Cross your fingers for me! Perhaps your toes and eyes as well.

New experiences and change doesn’t really scare me but not being happy does. So I just really hope I am able to find something that will make me happy! Something that will make me feel challenged and fulfilled. As fulfilled as a 9-5 office job can, I suppose. Because the real dream is to work from home just writing books and editing for clients! A girl can dream… !

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