Writing Residency

So have you seen this? Amtrack to possibly offer free rides for writers?

I think that would be incredibly fun/interesting to do! It also got me thinking about residencies in general. I would love to do one… ! I should look into that for this fall. What with needing to have a full-time job to you know, pay my bills, I doubt I’d be able to do anything longer than a 4 day weekend, but that would still be beneficial.

What a dream… to just go somewhere and write. Eat. Sleep. Write. Walk around in some nature and what-not. Heaven!

If I was by myself I think I might get scared, though. Haha! I’m imagining being out in the woods… or up at the Grand Canyon or something… renting a house for the weekend… and I think there probably wouldn’t be much sleeping going on. My childhood fear of the dark and noises in the night would likely come back fairly strong. 🙂

In my dream life I’d be like Ernest Hemingway (and I’m sure so many other writers in history) and have a little studio apartment to venture off to when I needed to focus. THAT would be the true Heavenly scenario for me.

I wonder what a residency is like… has anyone done one? Let me know in the comments if you have any input!

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