Time for An Excerpt!

I essentially have zero brain cells to spare for writing a semi-thoughtful/interesting blog post today… so it looks like it’s time for another excerpt from my book! 😀



            The instant Mom’s old Buick was parked in the driveway I shot out the door and into the house. I didn’t take the time to notice that Nikos’ car wasn’t there, so I was frustrated to not find him in the house.

            I decided that I had to talk to someone before I gave myself a panic attack. As I peeked out the back door in the dining room I saw Alex’s bedroom light on, and made my way to his window. The crickets were still out, though there were audibly fewer than in the warmer months. The world was winding down, preparing for the freezing cold to come.

            Alex let me in seconds after I rapped on his window, lending me a hand as my gangly limbs tried getting through.

            “Hey. I thought you were hanging out at Emma’s tonight. Girl’s night or whatever.”

            “I was. It got cut short, though.”

            He closed the book he’d been reading at his desk. It was a thick hardcover, no doubt some kind of history book. Alex couldn’t get enough of history, though he tried to keep it quiet. I’d always known he was kind of a geek. It was part of his charm, I told him. I knew I had his attention when he closed the book and leaned forward, his elbows on his knees.

            “An old man at the mall died today.”


            “I was at the mall, Alex! I saw him! I talked to him! I handed him his bag of candy that Emma rudely knocked out of his hand! And then, he DIED!” I was shouting.

            “Jeeze, Thana! Keep it down! Unless you want the entire neighborhood to think you’ve officially lost it!”

            I knew he was right. So I grabbed a pillow from his bed and screamed into it as loudly as I possibly could. The release of frustration did make me feel more relaxed. I plopped onto the bean bag in the corner and let out a sigh.

            “Alright. So how old was this guy? Ancient? Maybe this really was just a coincidence.”

            “He was pretty old, but he wasn’t like, decrepit or anything. He was so happy, Alex. Just sitting there eating a bag of gummi bears. Jesus, I can’t go anywhere!”

            “Did you touch him?”

            “No. I touched his bag of candy, but that’s it. He must’ve died the second I walked away. I didn’t wait because, well I didn’t think he was going to die!”

            “Are there any similarities between him and the others?”

            “Mr. Graham was old, too. But Mr. Graham had also just been hit by a car. Everyone else had been majorly injured. This guy was fine.”

            “And they’ve all been in very different places… yeah, I don’t know. I still think this might be a coincidence.”

            “Maybe you’re right. Maybe I’m just freaking out. Overreacting.”

            “Just go home and eat—relax. I’m sure it’s no big deal.”He had me convinced that I was being silly, so I retreated back to my house for the night. What could I do other than worry myself into a frenzy?


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