So, This Book Synopsis…

It seems I’ve been making this book synopsis far more difficult than necessary. Of course. I did some more searching around the lovely Internet for examples and tips for writing a book synopsis, and from what I found it appears that it’s basically what you would say to a friend if they asked you, “So what happens in your book?” and you have like 3-5 minutes to describe it. You want them to get the general idea, but you know that you don’t have time for all of the minor plot points or minor characters. They don’t need to know that in chapter three your MC’s older brother was working on his car, unless that somehow majorly affects the plot. (Which, in my case, it certainly doesn’t!)

So, yeah. I just wasted a lot of time getting all detailed and then freaking out wondering how I was going to condense those eight pages down to more like three pages. It’s kind of aggravating that I’ve spent so much time on the original version that I had. Alas! You live, you learn!

In other news, last weekend completely ran away with me. Do you ever have those weekends? Probably even weeks. Where you are literally going, going, going so much that you barely have time to even think? Or eat?! Yikes! I’m enjoying a restful week so far, so that’s good.


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