Gracias por Todo

This past Sunday was by far the laziest day I have had in… god, probably years. I went over one e-mail and wrote one back… I think I balanced my checkbook… then I pretty much laid on the couch for the remainder of the day. Just sitting there. Half sleeping. Half staring into nothingness. Sort of talking to my boyfriend. I was basically a blob. And it was glorious!

Later on after I started to resemble something in the human species and football was over, we turned on the Golden Globe Awards. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were hosting so I was hooked right off the bat. 🙂 They’re hilarious. So anyway, we watched the whole show and it was fun and whatever, but it got me thinking about “thank yous.”

I am not yet a published author, but trust me, I’ve written out my “thank yous” already just for practice. It’s kind of a practice in the Law of Attraction for me, I think. Every so often I like to write them out as if my book is about to be published for real. I feel bad for actors and actresses and directors and the like, because they get what, like 30 seconds? At least at the Golden Globes they did. After that, the music comes on and you’re rushed through the rest of your speech.

There are so many people who help us in our success… so I’m very grateful that as a writer I know I’ll pretty much get all the space I want to give my thank-yous. One page, two pages, whatever I need! Which will be very necessary, because there are countless people that I will need to show gratitude to. 🙂 I worry that I will forget someone… ! Eek! I’m sure I won’t, because I’m quite wordy and I will most likely thank more people than I even really need to. HaHa!

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