But Why Can’t I Just Be Perfect at This?

Practice really does make perfect. Or at least, it makes progress. :)

Over the last few months I’ve been helping a family member work on the sequel to their already published novel. I have no problem openly admitting that at first I was a bit nervous. I’m naturally inclined toward editing, but there are still SO many things that I’m just not quite sure on. I read through grammar and punctuation guides like crazy, but until I have to actually do the work it’s difficult for me to retain the information.

So working on this book is helping me grow so much, and I’m so grateful for the experience!

Same goes for my internship position with Underneath the Juniper Tree. Sometimes I’ll come across something that doesn’t seem right but maybe I’m not quite sure… so I have to go look it up. And at first I felt like a total fraud any time I had to look something up–I had this idea that since I wanted to be an editor I should just know everything–but I feel much better since throwing that idea out the window! I certainly don’t know everything (as much as I wish I did…!), and it feels GOOD to learn! At least, for me.

Here’s to constantly learning new things! What is something new you’ve learned recently, or learned more about? Share below in the comments! :D

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