Dream Office/Library



Sweet lord. Change the furniture and carpet (darker wood, more classic looking, and NO leather) and I would be in absolute heaven in this library. I wouldn’t even have the couch, probably. Switch it out for a dark cherry classic, sturdy desk placed in front of the window, facing into the room, and change that gross chair out for a comfy, cozy chaise lounge, and I’d be happy. And actually, the shelving on either side of the window I would probably change to just a regular wall so I could put hanging file folders and an inspiration board on it.

My fantasy of being Belle from Beauty and the Beast would be complete! HaHa! Screw the prince, I just want the library! I seriously think I would cry if someone ever built this for me. And to put that in perspective for you, I didn’t even cry on my wedding day. Though, the marriage didn’t last so perhaps my lack of tears was a sign after all that he wasn’t the one for me… who knows!? 🙂

At any rate, I think every writer likely dreams of desks, bookshelves, and the perfect writing space. And this photo is pretty much what my dreams are made of. And some day, I will have it.


p.s. Merry belated Christmas!!!! (Is that a thing? HaHa!) I hope everyone had a FABULOUS time with their family and friends. I was happily spoiled with a beautiful purple amethyst necklace from my boyfriend, and a ring from my best friend (of 18 years) which has this quote engraved on it: “though she be but little she is fierce.” And I LOVE it! More importantly, I was spoiled with time with the family members that live near me, and lots of together time with my man. Yay for Christmas!

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