Random Product Plug – Back Joy Relief!

This is going to be completely random… but as a writer, a.k.a. someone who spends a LOT of time sitting at a desk at home (currently in the cheapest chair ever) I am JAZZED about this find.

For two years now I’ve been working in an office, so not only do I sit at a desk frequently at home but I now spend 8 hours per day at a desk at work as well! Yikes! For the last few weeks I’ve noticed my lower back feeling strained, like I always need to stretch. There just always seems to be pressure on it. I exercise regularly and always stretch properly, so I wasn’t sure where this pain was coming from. Well, duh–from sitting all the time! It’s catching up to me… by “it” I mean age. Thus is life. 🙂

Today my boss let me borrow this chair contraption she always uses to see if it helped… and I noticed a difference pretty much immediately! YAY! My lower back feels AWESOME–the pressure is completely relieved! Back Joy Core Plus Memory Foam is the version that she has. Now it’s called Back Joy Relief.

My boyfriend also sits at a desk all day, so I’m thinking of adding one of these to my list of gifts for him. His lower back is also constantly in pain. So to anyone who suffers from lower back problems due to extensive sitting… at a desk, or in a car, whatever!… get one of these! Right now!

HERE is the company’s website.

HERE is where you can see various prices.

I swear I’m not being paid to talk them up–haha! I’m just always trying to take care of my body to the best of my ability, and this product is so helpful. I feel it is a must-have for any fellow writers out there!

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