“Dead Ones” Excerpt

Pitch Wars is weighing on my mind… I’m fearing the worst; that I won’t get a mentor. Yikes! I’m trying to prepare myself for that, while still remaining hopeful. So until tomorrow I will be holding my breath! In the mean time, here is another bit of my novel for you! 🙂

“One morning at work something strange happened. I was alone—Phoebe was due to arrive soon—and I stood in the back putting away a few books. I was humming to myself (“Love Me Do” by the Beatles. It always put me in a good mood). I heard footsteps and peeked my head out of the aisle I was in. Two men were walking in looking around purposefully. I stepped out to assist them.

“Can I help you find anything today?” They both smiled at me with a sinister intensity. They seemed to pick up their pace and were quickly right in front of me. Their clothing was perfectly average and clean. Jeans and t-shirts. One wore a light jacket. But for all of their seeming normalcy, something wasn’t right in their eyes. Bad intentions were shooting out from their pupils. I took a step back.

“You are alone?”

“Um, yes. How can I help you?”

“Do you know of a girl—a small, pretty girl with blonde hair? She goes by the name of Phoebe,” he said. His voice sent chills from the roots of my hair to the soles of my feet.

“Yes. I know her,” I said with caution.

“What do you know about her?”

“Just that she works here. And she’s from out of town. What do you want with her?”

“We want nothing with her, if you are in fact telling the truth.”

“Well, I am. Now I need to go back to work.” I spoke as confidently as I could, perhaps even a bit defiantly. I didn’t like these men or that they were harassing me about sweet little Phoebe.

The man who had been speaking reached out to grab my arm as I turned away from him. I was frozen.

“Now hold on a minute. You are an interesting girl. Don’t you think, Hypnos?” They grinned at each other sickeningly. I grimaced and tried freeing myself, but still could not move.

“Excuse me. Do we have an issue here gentlemen?” Phoebe was suddenly next to me. I hadn’t noticed her come in, but I wished she hadn’t. These men were seriously terrifying, and had an interest in her. Why couldn’t she have been late, just this once?

“No problem. Just saying hello.”

“Then I suggest you remove your hand from my friend’s arm. Or, if you like, I can remove it for you.” She reached toward his arm, and pure terror spread across his face. He quickly let go.”

… to be continued… !

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