Pitch Wars and Turkey!

Thanksgiving is two days away! Turkey Day food is so deliciously awful for me, I know. But I can’t resist! Extra gym sessions will be in order, I think!

I’m also excited for the extra long weekend. I do have plans on Thanksgiving Day and then some on Saturday as well… but Friday and Sunday are going to consist of NOTHING, I hope. Nothing other than putting the finishing touches on my book and query letter so they are perfected for Pitch Wars on Monday! I’m TOO excited for this!

Currently I’m doing everything I can to put good vibes out there for myself… and I hope that isn’t terrible. I just desperately want to be a part of Pitch Wars! It would be SO helpful for my book, and for my success. It’s taking up most of my thoughts lately. 🙂 So I’m projecting as much confidence as I possibly can… feeling good about my chances… and just trying to expect nothing but success! Wish me luck! Unless you are also trying to get a mentor, I guess… ! HaHa!

And a HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone–may your bellies be full, and your friends and family smiling.


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