The Never Ending Story of My Story

I finished making all the changes to my book from my first round of edits on my novel… !

And as I went through it I came up with MANY new changes to make… ugh! 🙂

I’m beginning to wonder when (if ever) I will feel that it is complete. Probably never. I’ve heard from a lot of authors that there just comes a point where you have to stop yourself. So I’m going to make some further edits–change a few details, add in a few scenes–and hopefully be able to stop myself then.

In the mean time, I’m now working on my synopsis. Which is actually not as daunting as I originally thought, since the way I keep my novel details organized is by using note cards. Each note card is one chapter, and has the highlights of the chapter written on it. So I can use that to get all of the plot highlights for the synopsis, versus going through the entire book again!

I’m starting to get busier with other editing projects, and am feeling the need to relaxxxxx… mostly in order to get my mind organized so I can turn right around and be a productive editing beast. Wish me luck with that… !

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