Like Me!

I was a slacker yesterday & did not post. Then, I got sick and have spent much of today whining, trying to breathe properly, and simply wanting to lie down in my bed. Preferably with my cat snuggled up to me.

Due to my sapped energy, today I’m just going to ask for favors. 🙂

If you are on Facebook (so few people aren’t) could you please “like” my page?

Or if you have Twitter, perhaps follow me? @jashanawriter

I don’t post a ton on Facebook, I promise. 🙂 My Twitter is mostly writing-related. Also, I don’t post an obscene amount. I don’t know why it bothers me when people post every 30 seconds, all day long. Ah well–to each their own!

Sometimes I say interesting things… sometimes. HaHa! Thank you in advance, if you do indeed follow or like!

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