Spirituality & Writing

A recent conversation with my wonderfully introspective, intelligent, open-minded boyfriend led me to think about spirituality… and as a writer I think that is something important. I should have something to say with my writing, aside from just random word vomit with very little actual purpose.

Personally, I feel that the utmost goal in life is to change the world around me in a positive way. To change the hearts of people I come across, and to somehow better the souls and spirits of others by being an example of light and positivity. I write because I have to… because I want my words to reach a multitude of people in hopes of somehow changing their world perspective in a positive way.

I grew up going to church twice per week. I wholeheartedly believed in the Christian idea of God and that Jesus Christ was his son sent down from Heaven to save us from our sins. I no longer necessarily believe that. I can’t say whether it is true or not, because I have no idea. And I have changed my views to not have faith in it any longer.

I have faith, though, that there is something quite unexplainable about who we are… what makes us tick… what makes us love, and feel. We have souls, and I believe they are on a journey and have some purpose in this life, in this world. When you see strangers risking their lives to help each other in a crisis, or someone simply removing their own jacket to give to a homeless person without being asked… there is something there that is beyond our physical bodies.

I don’t know what it is, nor do I pretend to. I do believe that we should make an attempt to follow the Golden Rule–treat each other as we would like to be treated. I believe that we should look at the world and our fellow creatures with understanding and peace, as much as we can. I believe we are on a journey and should always look for ways to improve our souls, our inner selves.

For me personally, good writing will reveal a truth about the human condition… it will move you deep down in a place that you might not have a word for (soul, inner self, whatever you wish to call it)… in order to write this way you have to have some sort of understanding of the fact that we are more than a physical shell. Perhaps, like me, you don’t believe in “God” or the fact that Jesus Christ was the actual “Son of God”… but you more than likely understand that there is something complex and deeply powerful going on as far as humanity is concerned.

These are my thoughts anyway. 🙂 Feel free to share yours–in the most respectful, peaceful way, of course! Ignorant, hateful Internet comments are poisonous, in my opinion, and aren’t tolerated at all. Out with the trolls! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Spirituality & Writing

  1. Thank you for that piece of writing. A lot of people want to explain humans through biology or some other deterministic method, and so I appreciate someone who sees the human condition as more than that. I’m happy to see writers who are open to the spiritual side of their readers. Keep it up!

    • You’re welcome! I believe in scientific theories–the big bang, etc.–and I don’t necessarily feel the need to relate death to anything other than the randomness of life (not any sort of god calling anyone to any kind of heaven)… but I can’t ignore that feeling that we do indeed have an unexplainable SOUL… something that allows us to feel and experience complicated emotions… and who really knows the truth anyway? 🙂 All just ideas & different places to put our faith.

      • I can understand the desire to remain somewhat undecided about personal beliefs. There’s a lot of information out there. But I remember learning about a Yale law professor, Stephen Carter, who defined integrity, in his book titled by the same name, as these three simple components:
        1. The sincere pursuit of truth
        2. Willingness to follow or live the truth that you discover
        3. A disposition to bear witness of that truth
        Even though it’s a tough job, I think it’s worthwhile to figure out what we really think. Good luck with the journey!

  2. Good thoughts! Props to you for sharing them. Most people wouldn’t put out there that they are changing their views because most would just pretend they are the prim and proper cookie cutter Christians. Which our age and generation now days people want to come off that way to look like the perfect well rounded family.. Good to know there are some real people out there still !! 🙂

    • Thank you! I wholeheartedly believe in being true to yourself & your beliefs! It took me a long time to be able to say out loud that I didn’t believe in God, but I’m glad I’m figuring it all out as far as what works for me–what resonates with me. 🙂

  3. Thank you, It’s reassuring to find others expressing our deeper concerns. I feel we are isolated in the human condition because we are missing our whole. The whole self is spirited at core. He or she is alive in creation next to other whole beings, in reality.
    We are a projected part, projected by the whole body from his/her Central Nervous System.
    Can we relate with our whole as a part? This possibility is what I pursue.

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