Snippets – Part One

There are countless blogs and sites online where writers post chapters of their book… and I am always tempted to do the same, but for some reason it makes me nervous.

Your work is your intellectual property as soon as you create it–that much I do know. And obviously if someone wanted to copy your published book and call it their own they could do that just as easily as copying it from a blog… but for some reason it just seems way easier for them to copy it via the Internet and call it their own. You know? Am I the only paranoid one here?

That all being said, I’ve decided to post snippets of my book from time to time. Because I can’t live my life in fear! Haha! It IS something that I would like to share, and if the writing is good and people on this lovely World Wide Web enjoy it then they will be excited for the actual BOOK! They will follow me on this journey and anticipate the day they can purchase the book. 🙂 That is the theory, anyway.

So without further ado… here is the first page of my book. Enjoy!


            The first time I can recall watching a person die I was ten years old. It was my elderly neighbor, Mr. Graham. He died because Mrs. Khline down the street was having a baby. And because Mr. Khline was a nervous, scatter-brained wreck driving his young wife to the hospital to have their first child. And probably mostly because Mr. Graham couldn’t walk very fast and wore dark clothes to go out to search for his deceased wife’s tabby cat.

            I’d been watching him search from the living room, with my brother. I asked him, “Why doesn’t he just let the cat stay outside?”

            “Because, Thana, animals might eat it. We’d find it tomorrow in the field being picked apart by crows or something. It’s just a little cat.”

            I wrinkled up my nose at the image.

            “Maybe we should go help him find it then.”

            “You can go help. I’ve got better things to do.” He shoved me over onto the couch cushion and retreated toward his room.

            “Oh, like play more video games? Really really important stuff!” I shouted after him as I adjusted my sweatshirt. He turned and smiled a big, cheesy smile at me and I couldn’t help but grin back. With or without my big brother’s aid, I was determined to go help our elderly neighbor.

Closing the front door I turned and walked down the three concrete steps of the small porch and peacefully trotted down the walkway.

By the way… my book is not titled “Snippets”. 🙂 I just realized that this post’s title could be deceiving. The actual working title of my book is “Dead Ones.”

2 thoughts on “Snippets – Part One

  1. Are you expecting comments?
    I have no fear about this, but I don’t post stories unless they’re already available electronically, and I assume copyright protected. My reason for not posting is, I won’t want anyone’s opinion about what I’m doing until I have a very good idea of what I’m doing: a first draft or second – whenever it is I feel comfortable with the work. At that time I may give it to a reading friend.

    • Comments are always welcome! I’m onto my second round of edits & have had others read through the book as well. Within 3 months I plan to be querying agents! 🙂 So I’m quite comfortable with it at this point. I’d better be after 4 years of working on it. Haha!

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