Don’t Worry, Be HAPPY

I believe in positivity, the way that some believe in God.

I have the utmost faith in its ability to change my life… to alter my fate… to bring me joy and success in life. It’s all about putting that energy out there into the universe, and believing that it will come back to you. And I truly do.

If you wallow in your sadness, misery, and negativity that is what you will continue to get. People who go around feeling sorry for themselves for “having terrible luck” or “being treated like crap all the time” are more often than not simply negative. They focus on a bad situation and feed off of it to the point that it’s what they are putting out there into the world. Then, more bad things happen. I don’t see this as a coincidence.

Now, bad things are going to happen to everyone. It’s how you react to them. We will all have setbacks on our way to reaching our goals. For me that will come in the form of rejection letters and bad critiques/criticism. I fully believe that if I react with pessimism and start feeling sorry for myself I will never reach my goals. Sure, I could continue submitting and writing… but I don’t believe that anything positive would come of it if I had a negative attitude toward it or while doing it.

Long ago I decided that I would choose to be happy. I dislike stress. I dislike being sad/upset. So, I be happy instead. I see the positive instead. And because of this, I wholeheartedly believe in myself. I know that I will reach my goals. And then I will be SUPER happy. πŸ™‚

So, just smile. And pull the negativity from your mind. Kick it right out. It can be done, I swear!

3 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, Be HAPPY

  1. You are an unbelievably happy and positive person…something that I admire in you immensely!! Keep up the great writing, but most of all keep that attitude….it will take you far ❀
    Love you, Karen

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