Domino Happiness

I just need to take a moment to be grateful, and express my current state of extreme joy and happiness.

I label myself as a perpetual optimist. There have been times in my life where I have gone through difficult experiences (nothing majorly traumatic, really) but I have always felt generally “happy”, save for a random 6 month period in high school when I think my soul was more or less feeling overly anxious for change. I’ve gone through drama with friends (including losing a best friend via irreconcilable differences), regular break ups, awful break ups, a biological parent being essentially absent from my life & breaking promises, and a divorce… but I’ve always felt happy at the end of the day.

So to say that I am now happy might seem… silly. Of course I’m happy. I’m always happy! But, over the last year I can say that I have become content, and fulfilled. I have grown as a person, figured out what exactly I want out of relationships in my life, and become a more productive human being overall.

Since getting more familiar with who I am, and figuring out how to be genuinely happy deep down in my soul… things are just falling into place. I am in the most healthy relationship I have ever been in, and it was pure luck that brought him into my life. He has been a large part of my growth as a person… teaching me to trust again… motivating me to make myself better in all areas… and caring for me like nobody ever has before.

From all of this personal growth, I have gained determination to finally see my lifelong dreams come true. I wrote my book! I’m editing, and will soon enough be looking for an agent! I have started to offer freelance editing and writing services. I have an editorial internship! I’m about to me a mentor to a teenage girl in the foster care system. I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been. I am surrounded by good, quality people.

I’m just so thankful that I am so fortunate… and that things have fallen into place so well. Of course I am nowhere near where I want to end up. Financially, especially. (HaHa!) But I’m so content right now, and as always, excited for the future. Hopefully this domino effect will continue. 🙂

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