A Great Read

I just finished reading an incredibly good book (“The Prisoner of Heaven” by Carlos Ruiz Zafon) and am feeling quite thirsty for more!

Few things in life can compare to that feeling. Of being inspired… your imagination awakened… an entirely new world brought into yours… aching for the story to continue… dying to read more from the author. 

The book caught my attention at Target because of the title and cover, as most books will at a store. It looked interesting, so I read the back cover. It is set in Barcelona, so I admit that I was already kind of hooked. The storyline sounded intriguing and mysterious and I figured it would be a good enough read. 

It was. These characters are excellently crafted, in my humble opinion. I need to take a page from Zafon as far as molding characters is concerned. They were detailed… flawed, but likable. I found myself completely rooting for one in the end who at the beginning I thought might be not so important. Fermin. Oh, Fermin. He was such a CHARACTER! Ugh! And his stories needed to be told. 

Basically, I liked the book. 🙂 Am I making my point well enough? HaHaHa. 

Next week it’s back to the proverbial drawing board for me with my book, and I hope that some of this inspiration from Senor Zafon carries over. 

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