First. Draft. Complete!


I finished the first COMPLETE draft of my novel on Friday night, around 1am. !!!!!! I was so jazzed, but I couldn’t really share it with anyone at the time! 🙂 

I am fully aware of how much more work I have to do… editing, adding scenes, removing scenes, adding depth to some of the characters… then getting an excellent synopsis, query letter, and finding an agent and/or publisher… it seems like I’ll never be done! 

Still, the feeling of writing that last sentence, four years after writing the first, was something I want to hang on to for the rest of my life. 82,000 words from one little opening sentence. A sentence that randomly came to me as I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep one night. A sentence I almost convinced myself I would remember in the morning. But instead, I got up to write it down in the notebook next to my bed (for just such writing emergencies). And I started writing as the story came to me. 

Four years of falling off the bandwagon… not writing for a few months… writing furiously for two weeks… beating myself up for not having it finished already. To have it finished is such a weight off my shoulders. Now I know that I really can write an entire book. I can finish what I started, and I can have enough inspiration and imagination to keep a good idea going. For 82,000 words! (Let’s see what I have when it’s all cut down! HaHa.)

I’m taking a week off from even worrying about working on it. This week I have zero “work on book” entries in my planner, and this weekend I’m going on a nice, relaxing mini-vacation with my main squeeze, and I’m just going to sit back and enjoy it. I sent it to my book-loving best friends to read through, for some outsider opinions. I need fresh eyes to look at it to see what content/character issues there might be. 

Then when I get back at it next week (or maybe even the week after!) I’m going to start adding in the scenes I already have in my head that I think will make the characters more developed… and then edit as much as I can. Editing my own work is always so difficult for me. I wrote it, so I feel like every single thing is important! But I know that it needs to be cut down. Cleaned up, so to speak. 

I just had to share my extreme relief, joy, and fulfillment in having it finished. I wasn’t sure the day would ever truly come! 🙂 

6 thoughts on “First. Draft. Complete!

  1. Congratulations! Finishing a big project like that is a tremendous accomplishment. You should be proud of yourself (no matter how long it took you).

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