A Confession

Sometimes I really just want to read cheesy literature. The stuff of “chick lit” legends.

I have never gotten into romance novels, but I hate it when people judge others for being into it. Or into any particular genre of writing. No matter what you are reading, you are diving into another world that someone else has created for you. You are enjoying art, whether it is good or bad to a critic’s eye, and you should never be made to feel ashamed for that!

The same goes for movies. Sometimes I want a documentary to give me a new perspective on something in the world. Sometimes I want a gritty drama that’s going to shock me and make me think about deep, dark parts of life. And sometimes I want Will Ferrel to just entertain me by making poop jokes.

Currently I am reading, “Tigers in Red Weather” and it is an excellent book. When I’m done, it might be time for something lighter. Nicholas Sparks, perhaps.

I’ll always come back to books that give me new perspectives and challenge the way I view the world, but peppering in some “easy reads” is always a must. 🙂

Disclaimer: The one genre I have issue with is celebrity authors. I’m sorry, but it aggravates me that they so easily publish books simply because they have a silly reality show or what-have-you. Us Joe Shmoes are STRUGGLING out here! Frick!!!!

4 thoughts on “A Confession

  1. I agree. I have no time for book snobs. If you enjoy a book then you enjoy it – why should anyone else care?

  2. People devote too much energy to what other people are doing. A lot of people like to say reading a romance novel in public is an equivalent of reading soft porn…uh…I’d rather have someone quietly reading a book on the bus than having to watch some hardcore couple PDA in the seats in front of me. lol. Anything that gets people reading sounds good to me even if it’s smutty period novels. 🙂

    • Agreed! Reading is almost never a bad idea. Unless you’re reading that book I heard about awhile back where some guy basically gives instructions on how to rape women… reading that would be a concern. !!!! But a cheesy, fictional story of romance and consensual sex? Not seeing how that’s anyone’s place to judge. 🙂

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