The Perfect Pen.

I am convinced that there are few things in life more rewarding, more satisfying, than finding an absolutely perfect pen.

You may think I’m joking, but multiple times throughout my workday this lovely Tuesday I found myself thinking about the kickass pens I bought last night. Crazy? Perhaps. Any writer will understand my obsession, though.

A great pen just makes me WANT to write. Anything! Everything! It’s the perfect size, perfect grip, perfect ink, perfect ball point. I suppose it’s like any new thing–you just want to use it! It’s like a new toy. Only… it’s a pen. But whatever, that’s neither here nor there. To me, a pen IS a toy. It’s fun and it can take me to amazing places; it can help me reach for the oh-so-bright stars I’ve been pining for my entire life.

So, maybe I’m a little bit pen-obsessed. I make no qualms about it. πŸ™‚

For those of you who are as equally obsessed with fantastic office supplies… check out the Pilot AccroBall fine point black ink pen. I have to have black ink–blue ink is just ridiculous, if you ask me. And it writes as smoothly as I would like it to. Perhaps we are like-minded pen freaks. So you should just go to Staples and check it out–you can try it out at their little Pilot pen station! Listen to me, exclaiming about a pen station. I really do need to stop. πŸ™‚

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