Getting All Official

I have recently decided that while I write my book and wait for the apparently impossible-to-find paid editorial job I am going to offer up my services as a freelance editor. Someone I follow on Twitter inspired me when I learned that she does it. One miss Lauren Spieller, who seems to be very motivated and dedicated when it comes to her work! She focuses on editing queries and the like, which is something I could proofread, but content editing wouldn’t be my forte for that. I will actually need to use her services myself when I am ready to query! HaHa!

But I digress… I just figure that it’s time to stop waiting for an opportunity to come to me. Time to just go grab it myself. It’s not like it will take all kinds of money. I’m going to purchase some nice, professional business cards to hand out at local companies, and I have an account for my website so I’m pretty much ready to go!

I’m offering proofreading and editing services for practically anything… newsletters, flyers, websites, poetry, short stories, novels, etc. Also, ghost writing services. I’ve had countless people in my life tell me, “You should write my life story!” So hey, maybe if someone has an interesting enough story to tell… I can help! Or not even a story–maybe they have an important e-mail to write and don’t know how to word it properly. I’m here to help, people!

As I have never officially/professionally done this before I’m sure there will be bumps in the road as I learn and figure everything out… so please wish me luck!

If you know anyone who could utilize my services, send them on over to my site! Please and thank you, of course. 🙂

My Site


Please forgive me if my site doesn’t seem quite finished… I am still working on it. Also, I’m having troubles currently with it showing up every time… “Page Not Found” messages are not my friend, let me tell you. Hopefully the site gets their servers fixed, or whatever computer-y thing it is messing up right now!

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