My Biggest Fan.

In light of the recent holiday (Mother’s Day for those of you who were somehow unaware–though with all of the Facebook and Instagram posts I’m not sure how anyone could have missed it! HaHa.) I’ve decided to show a little gratitude to my mother for, among many other things, my love for writing.

When I was 4 years old–before I could read or write much other than my own name–I started dictating stories to her. All of the artwork (fabulous artwork, by the way-Ha!) was done by me and the words were my own simply written in her much better, much more readable handwriting.

She cultivated my passion right from the get-go, and I am forever grateful to her for that. From that young age I knew writing was what I wanted to do. Any time someone would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up “an author” was my automatic response. My mother never scoffed at me for this dream. She never told me it was silly, or that it wasn’t guaranteed to make me wealthy, or that I needed a back up dream. All she ever did was encourage me to go after it.

When I entered into the “Young Authors” contests at school every year she would help me print and put together my books of poetry and works of fiction. When I won first place she would volunteer as a chaperone at the “Young Authors” day field trip to see me accept my little blue ribbons.

In 8th grade when my English teacher nominated me for a summer writing workshop at a college 30 minutes away, she paid for the workshop and drove me to it every day for 2 weeks. When I was nominated in 11th grade for a writing workshop in Chicago she helped me figure out where to get the scholarship money and let me go off for 3 weeks.

When it came time for college applications she again never once urged me to change my mind and go for something “more sensible” (as I’ve often heard other parents say to their creative-minded children).

I was very fortunate to have that support from my mother. She has always been my biggest fan, as any mother should be. She was the first person to truly believe in me, and she never shied away from telling me just how much she believed in me. That can make all the difference in someone’s life. To just have one person championing for them.

So thank you, Mom. For being an absolute champion in my life, and for giving me the confidence to be who I am and to pursue my dreams however fantastical other people may see

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