Self Doubt in Self Expression.

Sharing my writing is one of the only things in life that makes me truly nervous.

I went sky diving with no problems–no jitters, nerves, doubts–but when I hand over a poem or chapter of my book it’s like I’m a little kid again. I feel sheepish and embarrassed, like I need to explain myself and my choices.

Why is writing so personal? I suppose it isn’t just writing. Any art form, I would think. It is your form of expression–it is you, on the page or canvas or whatever your medium is. If your work is rejected, it feels like you are being rejected. Which is clearly silly, but I know that for myself the feeling is always there. Even if it’s just quietly lurking in the back of my heart… it will always be there.

Others have to know exactly what I’m referring to, right? What is your personal experience with self-doubt where your work is concerned? And how do you personally deal with overcoming it? I find that diving in head first works best. 🙂

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