Writing, Relationships & Time Management

Getting into a new relationship is always time consuming for me. Simply because I am a lover of love, and I fully believe that the relationships we have in life are of utmost importance. When I have a relationship that I deem as worthwhile, and more importantly, a man that I deem worthwhile I put a lot of myself into it.

This isn’t a problem, except where before I would have days on end with hours of free time, once I get really involved with someone (particularly when they want to be just as involved with me! HaHa–that’s ideal, I suppose.) those hours of free time every day turn into maybe half an hour.

So I learn to write and work on my book in 15 minute intervals to make up for it. Whereas before I might not really sit down and work seriously every day–it would probably be more like every 3-4 days–but when I did it would be for a solid hour, now it’s 15 minutes here, 20 minutes there, 5 minutes while waiting for my car to be washed, etc.

Honestly, I kind of like it better this way because it lessens the pressure a bit. Thinking about sitting down to write for a solid hour tends to overwhelm me. That is, if it’s a scheduled thing. Of course to just write when the inspiration is flowing would be lovely, but let’s face it, we’d barely get anything done then. 🙂

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