Disorganization in Writing

I need an organizing session in my life. 

The part of my book that I am currently working on is the part that I was the least sure about, as far as where it would go and what would happen next. A lot of sections came naturally and I knew exactly what came next. 

This part–the next few chapters leading up to the end–have left me confused. I need to sit down and hash out the timeline. I have a few different scenes already written, which I know I want to use, but I need to put them in the proper order. 

It’s running away from me! Once I get these next few chapters figured out and put in order, it will be an easy road to the end. But then… revisions. Editing. Fixing. Ugh! It really never ends, I suppose. But I will at least be SO so close to being at the point where I can work on finding an agent and/or publisher… ! Eeek! Just thinking about it kind of freaks me out… and makes me really jazzed at the same time. 🙂 

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