Pondering Poetry

Poetry is something I always go back to. Yet, I don’t know if I would ever feel confident enough in my poetry to try to have it published. 

In college one of my poems was selected by the writing department to be entered into the Intro AWP Awards. I didn’t win first place or anything–honorable mention–but it was still a nice, validating fact that it happened. 

Yet I still don’t feel like it’s ever truly good. My peers in college were writing such intellectual, deep, confusing poetry. Half the time I didn’t know what they were even talking about, but they would get so much praise from the professors and other students. I just felt stupid for not “getting” it. 

My best poetry happens when I am blunt, to-the-point, up-front. The poem that was selected for the national contest was about the day my dog was hit by a car and died when I was 13. It involved the dog tragically spasming as it died, and the Looney Tunes boxers my dad was wearing. I just thought it was kind of a funny little poem. 

If I try to write poetry the way so many of my uber-intellectual peers it just comes off… weird. I don’t know how they do it, so more power to them! I’ll stick to my style. Maybe I’ll start trying to get something published… it would be nice to have on a resume! 

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