The End. Or?

The other night I wrote the first draft of the final scene of my book.

Talk about terrifying.

I wrote it two different ways. One version was thorough and gave details wrapping up any questions the reader may have. The other version was more dramatic and abrupt… everything was tied up, but it might leave the reader wanting to know what happens next. Not sure if that’s a great thing or a terrible thing… I just don’t want to write down to my readers, you know?

I feel like saying “here is how it ends, and this is how it came to this ending, here is how this happens, and this is what happens next and they all live happily ever after, don’t worry” is kind of dumbing it down. I want it to be more like “here is where it ends, it’s on a good note, and there you have it.” I don’t want the end of my book to be like the last 2 minutes of a reality show where they recap on the contestants. “Jim and Susie found love. They are now happily living together with their three labradors and are thinking of starting a family soon.” Because that is all irrelevant. The relevant story is going to be the story, the book itself! So I will leave them with a little mystery, and a little wiggle room to assume the best or the worst, depending on their natural instincts.


2 thoughts on “The End. Or?

  1. Congratulations! I know how much work can go into writing something of a significant length. You should be really proud of yourself. Now, the revising can commence! ;P

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