The Little Writer That Could.

I’m going to challenge myself to finish my book by the end of February.

For so long now I’ve been so close, but I’ve been at a stand still. I think that I’ve been like, waiting to write only when I have those “inspired” moments. Or when I have an idea completely fleshed out. That mentality has to stop, or I will NEVER finish this thing! I’m just going to pump it out, regardless of how good the draft is.

I’ve always been the type who feels like the first draft should be damn near perfect. Maybe because I hate revising? Maybe because I’m egotistical and think my work is genius right from the get-go? HaHa–no, definitely not that. I think I just hate having work on a page that isn’t perfect. It makes me nervous. So I want to wait until I have it all worked out in my mind before I write it.

This is not productive! So. I’m kicking myself in the butt. I’m finishing it. 15 minutes per day if that’s what it takes. Just typing. Something. Anything!

And then, when I’m done… revisions. Ugh. >__<

This article from the Writers Digest website helped me feel a little more motivated today, too! They have some great tools for writers on their site. You should check it out!

2 thoughts on “The Little Writer That Could.

  1. I editing my WIP at the moment. Third draft. I hoped to finish at the end of March. Slipping back to the end of April at my current rate. Still, finish it before summer will be great.

    Happy editing ๐Ÿ™‚

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