The Joys of Editing

I really hate when I suddenly have a new idea while working on my book. At least when it requires going back three chapters to remove an entire section or add in a new character or something like that.

I like organization and when I have to rework entire sections it gets me all flustered.

Recently I started using note cards to organize my book. One note card per chapter. Each card has bulletins noting the main events of each chapter, as well as what month the chapter is happening in.

So far this has really helped me out. Now when a new idea pops up I can just savor it and happily work it into the story.

Yay note cards!

2 thoughts on “The Joys of Editing

    • I just had the idea for my book pop into my head one night–actually just the first sentence. I started working off that and went with it! It was the first idea I had that I felt was original enough and that I got really invested in.

      So I’d say to just listen for the story that keeps coming back into your head and tell it! 🙂

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