Writers Conference Newbie

This weekend I will be attending my first writers conference.

Admittedly, I’m nervous.

I have been obsessed with writing since I was roughly 4 years old, and have never stopped writing… but I’m still an amateur. I’ve had a small article published in a small local paper, and an article published in a national travel magazine… but that’s about it. I feel incompetent. I feel young. I feel inexperienced.

Now, I know that every writer has felt this at some point. (I hear that the feeling kind of never goes away.) Knowing that doesn’t help me feel more prepared, though.

I still feel like everyone there will look at me like I’m some silly little girl. It doesn’t help that I’m 25 (almost 26–eek!) but look closer to 19.

Surrounded by other writers I just always feel a bit… frivolous. In my college writing classes I always felt like most other students were looking at me that way. I never felt like I fit in, really.

I just need to jump in. I’ll feel better the more comfortable I get in these situations.

So, I’m off to Tucson this Friday afternoon for a writing workshop, and despite my small fears I am very excited! I’ve never let fear stop me before, so I’m not about to now.

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